Sunday, 6 June 2010

Okay, so where do you get

your ideas from? I am not going to attempt to answer that question from the writer's point of view but, unfortunately for my pocket money, someone came along to our knitters' group yesterday with - some books for sale.
Now, let's be reasonable. I do not need knitting books. I do not use knitting patterns. I design my own. This has more to do with necessity than anything else. Most of my knitting is done with yarn given to me by nice people who know I knit and believe that I need yarn...mostly yarn they have decided they do not need or because a relative has headed for a nursing home and left behind a little stash or...well something.
I am a yarn snob. I refuse to knit cheap acrylic. I would rather not knit than knit cheap acrylic.
I did look at the books yesterday because I am the librarian. Was there anything there the library needed? We still have a little money left. I discussed options with the President and we invested in one book for the library.
There was also a "bargain box" however and I could not resist a poke around in that...which is where I came across a knitting magazine. It was labelled $4. The newsagent recently had a copy of the same magazine for $17.95. (He knows how to charge, especially for the imported magazines.) My paw went out, hesitated and then closed over it. I had peeked insided it at the newsagent and there is one small graph in there that I rather like.
Now, I do not like the garment in question but I do like the graph. When I saw it I thought, "I could do something with that." Now I can do something with it. When I have done something with it someone is going to ask, "Where did you get the pattern?" and I will have to explain. No doubt they will, as they often do, look slightly bemused. Why would you bother? I can see them thinking that. Ideas however are like that. You have to bother about them.


Rachel Fenton said...

Everywhere - that's where I get my ideas from!

Graphs...just when I start to get interested in knitting again....why does everything I like degenerate into mathematical terminology?

catdownunder said...

One square equals one stitch. If you can count you can do it! Truly!
There are lots of lovely knitters in New Zealand who will help you I am sure.

Anonymous said...



Photos, paintings, wildlife, land and seascapes, textiles, architecture, even knitting patterns!

(I even drew up a chart for knitting for my Mum, even though I don't knit.)

Judy B

Holly said...

so you want to give me the list of what to bring along now or later? Lace yarns? Can you use lace?