Saturday, 16 April 2011

I have a computer problem

this morning. I do not know what the problem is as I know very little about how computers work. Getting this far has been a matter of trial and error. First thing it did not even want to boot up. Goodness' knows whether it will want to save and publish this now that I have actually connected to the internet. My brother in law set this system up some years ago. He, being a computer engineer, knows far more about these things than I do. He "split" the system and did other fancy things of which I know nothing. I do not actually do anything terribly fancy on my computer. I download files, upload files and use it as a word-processor. The files I use come from sources I normally trust but that does not mean that they are virus free. I have a feeling the system needs cleaning again but I am not sure how to go about that - apart from running the registry cleaner. I had trouble uploading the virus update but it is now up to date. It made me realise that I just push the button each morning and expect it to work. If I am not here tomorrow or the next day and the will know why. :-(


widdershins said...

Must've been the whales leaning on the satellites again

Talei said...

Oh, well. More time for reading! ;-) Though, I hope the virus doesn't last long, it is such a pain being without the internet these days.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend Cat. Miaou!

local computer service said...

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