Saturday, 25 June 2011

I will get back to the serious business

of books shortly but allow me to talk about cats for a moment. Rather, allow me to talk about one cat in particular.
I have mentioned him on these pages before. His name is Pluto. Yes, an odd name for a cat. I am not sure he is particularly comfortable with it but that is the one his humans gave him.
Pluto owns the corner house but he spends a good deal of time in our yard. We are at home during the day. His humans are not.
We still have a cat-flap in the back door. We considered removing it after our last cat died as we do not plan on having any more animals. I am glad we did not. It has proved useful. Pluto uses it. "Miss Puss" from across the way has also been known to use it - with caution. It is Pluto's cat-flap.
As of yesterday it would also appear that our house is Pluto's house for the present. I heard him crying outside yesterday and went out to find out what the problem was. He will occasionally present me with a dead field mouse or fruit rat. I like to prevent any possibility of a live one being brought inside.
Yesterday however he was sitting under the clothesline and just crying. It was a dreadful sound.
I called him and he ran up to me still crying like a small child. I picked him up - something I do not often do now that he is usually a dignified grown up cat. He had a little snuggle and then slid down, sat on the back mat. I suggested that he could sit elsewhere as I needed to go in the back door. No.
I went around to the front door and went in - to be greeted by Pluto. He had used his cat-flap to enter the house. It was, he informed me with a swish of the tail, catnap time. He found a bed, did an extra clean, curled up and went to sleep. He was still there at 8:00pm. He has never stayed that late before. Our house is usually the half hour catnap place.
We know he is kept in at night and we were worried. He has a collar with his name and a 'phone number on it. Nobody was answering the mobile number.
Eventually my father went down to the house. It seems his senior owners are away. They are in Bali. They have left their mother in charge of the children and the dog. She has also brought her dog with her. He is apparently endeavouring to make life very difficult for the other dog and for Pluto.
Pluto is not a happy cat. He has just used the cat-flap again. He is sitting on the end of my bed staring at me and complaining. Do you suppose a cuddle and some stroking will help? I think he may have moved in for the duration. Thank goodness' for cat-flaps!


widdershins said...

I guess some folks just don't get that our homes belong to our animal companions too, or take that into consideration when arranging companion sitters. Seems Whirlwinds and Plutos know kindred souls when they meet them.

Anonymous said...

Poor little cat! Nobody should bring strange dogs in to stay.

catdownunder said...

He is currently asleep in the laundry basket - on the old gardening pullover belonging to my father.