Thursday, 8 September 2011

This is not just for the knitters

among you!
It is the link to an extraordinary knitting project travelling around England at the present time. (I do not know whether it is going further afield.) It was sent to me by a keen knitter and is, naturally, of even greater interest to knitters.
The project must have taken an enormous amount of organisation, time, skill and care. I do not know where all the patterns came from - or even whether there were pattens. I note they now want keen knitters to make a wheelbarrow or a lawnmower - presumably to go next to the knitted garden shed. No doubt they will add other flowers and vegetables to those already there. It has taken a lot of yarn - and yes, they did have a grant but it would not have covered their costs by any means.
All those things are quite extraordinary - as is the skill with which much of it is obviously knitted. There is plenty of imagination there - just look at the beehive and the bees or hunt for the ladybirds and the birds.
And there is something even better than all those things. It is a group effort, a community effort. People came together to create something.
And now I will stop burbling on and send you prowling over to look because I believe we need more such projects. Please go and have a look and tell me and others what you think!


Joanna Cannon said...

Cat, what a lovely idea. I live here and hadn't heard of it! I think one of the best things about it is the fact that it gets children involved. I remember learning to knit when I was very small and I also remember how much pleasure I got from creating something tangible. My grandmother and great-grandmother were serious knitters and it always made me feel very grown up and part of the gang to be sitting there with them. Wonderful.

Miriam said...

I agree. It really is blooming marvellous!

widdershins said...

How truly wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh we could turn the library into a garden perhaps? Lovely! Ros

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have actually seen this. A friend of hers was involved. I thought "Knitting, who wants to see knitting?" when I was dragged along but I have to admit it was "bloomin' marvellous!" Bob C-S