Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Someone gave me a book

yesterday. It is really a rather lovely book. The pictures are bright and colourful and clever. It is not the sort of book I ever imagined myself owning because the craft, yes it is a craft book, is not one I indulge in. It is a patchwork book.
I am allergic to sewing needles. I am quite incapable of actually threading a needle. I do not sew. The person who gave me the book is well aware of that. She also knows that, despite the fact I do know something about patchwork, I have always felt that cutting up fabric you have specially bought just to sew it back together again is slightly ridiculous.
Other people obviously feel differently and I have to admit that some of them can produce beautiful things, imaginative things, funny things, interesting and different things. I like some of them - although I doubt I would want to own them. Our wall hangings are of the bookshelf variety, not the patchwork variety. If we had space to spare then we would put up another bookshelf.
But the book is something else. There are little diagrams to show you how to put things together - and then to put together the things you have put together. It is rather fascinating to see what happens when you repeat one of those little things or turn it upside down, sideways, back to front, on the diagonal.
Patchworkers call them "blocks" but they are more than that. They have been the subject of serious mathematical studies. They are also play things.
The book was given to me for a purpose. No, I have not overcome the allergy to sewing needles. That will not happen. Even if it did I would not wish to make quilts. However, I dislike waste. The person who gave me the book is aware of this. She told me,
"You could knit some of these Cat."
Perhaps I could - but would I have to sew them together?


Sheep Rustler said...

An English designer called Pat Ashworth, I think, has done some amazing stuff about knitted mathematical things, used partially to teach school children about geometry.

catdownunder said...

Yes, I know Pat slightly. There is a Yahoo Group called Woolly Thoughts (I think) run by her. I have a number of patterns for knitted games designed by her and Steve Plummer. She gave them to me when Dad came up with some information they were looking for. They are a bit fiddly to make. There are also other mathematical models on their website. Fun learning!

widdershins said...

You wouldn't have to sew them, you could crochet or knit them together. Nary a sewing needle would cross your path.