Thursday, 29 December 2011

Dear Bank

My use of your services is not excessive. I do not own a cheque book or a credit card. I severely limit the use of my debit card because you charge me to access my own money more than once a week. I visit one of your branches about once a month. You have my life savings in there. Those savings are, unfortunately, not large but you still make far more money from those than I do.
I contacted you via your website because I believe it is not reasonable to keep anyone waiting twenty eight minutes simply because you fail to put enough staff behind the teller counter. I made the suggestion that it would be reasonable to have more than one person behind the counter on pension morning.
No, I am not a pensioner but I unfortunately need to visit you on that day. I am also able to observe something you are apparently unable to observe. Many of your customers on that day are very elderly. I am also able to observe that, in that particular branch, many of them have problems with English. It takes a little more time to handle their simple affairs.
I contacted you via your website because I merely wished to alert you to a problem. I did not wish to be contacted and told how wonderful you are and have suggestions that I should handle all my banking via the internet if I am not satisfied with the in bank service.
I also find it highly objectionable that you cannot handle a polite suggestion, and I was very polite, without first demanding an account number and a pass word. You seemed affronted when I pointed out that I do not give that sort of information over the 'phone. Yes I am well aware that you were not asking for my PIN but even an account number and a password are more than enough for a fraudster. It is not as if I was making a query about one of my accounts. If you really valued my privacy you would not have been asking for that sort of information over the 'phone. We managed without it in the end did we not?
Now, having wasted all that time, do you suppose that for perhaps for an hour on Thursday mornings you could manage to have two people behind the teller desk in a busy branch?
I will be watching.


dandelion girl said...

grrr, banks really don't get it do they! It's not rocket science!

Anonymous said...

My argument with the bank just before Christmas was because husband was kind enough to answer a survey for them some time ago ... they wanted him to do the same again.
I answered the phone five times in five days while he was at work, down the street, etc ... even on a Saturday when he was playing golf.

All this in the week before Christmas, so I guess nobody had time to answer the questions.

Even if he didn't have a problem with the over the counter services he uses, they certainly got up my nose trying to find out if they were doing anything wrong!

Judy B