Monday, 13 February 2012

Things went wrong

with the computer yesterday. I am surprised I am writing this and even though I am I suspect it may be necessary to seek some professional help.
Without any assistance from me the computer changed some settings. I had not been searching any suspicious sites - unless government sites are suspicious. They probably are but they should not cause my computer to sulk. I was merely downloading some forms to pass on to the sister of the friend I was talking about yesterday. We are going to try and set up various powers of attorney so that things can happen here as well as interstate. It should not have been a problem.
I had printed off several and the printer stopped working. I had not changed anything. There was paper. There was ink. There was a connection. Eventually I worked out it was the wrong question. All sorts of settings had suddenly changed without any help from me.
Then Tweetdeck disappeared. Download Google Chrome it told me. I have been avoiding this. I like to keep things the way they are if they work for me. I tried that. Download Adobe Air....well I thought I had that but I did it again. I eventually got into a new version of Tweetdeck. It is virtually unreadable being printed on black and it would not run without me telling it to "run" this file.  I rebooted the computer and tried all over again. Nothing happened apart from the need to reload the programmes with the same result. There are similar problems this morning.
I can go to the Twitter site but it is terribly slow and it is not set up the way I want it to be set up.
What I want to know is, why do they change things when they already work efficiently? Grrrrrrrrr


Shauna said...

Computers - can't live without them, would often love to throw them out of the window!

I feel your pain.

Nicole MacDonald said...

I really, really don't like the new twitter setup *grrrr*

catdownunder said...

Try HootSuite Nicole? I mean I am with Shauna on giving up and tossing the computer out the window but I cannot live without it (or work) so Chris suggested HootSuite...