Friday, 27 April 2012

There are many odd things

to be seen and heard in shopping centres and their associated car parks. Ours is no exception. Yesterday though was one of the most amusing I have ever seen.
There was an elderly car with the bonnet up. There was an RAA (Royal Automobile Association) van next to it. There was the RAA man, a man in his forties or early fifties. Most of these men are very competent. They do a good job at getting cars moving again.
There was also an elderly lady. My guess is she was in her late eighties. She was standing there looking sternly at the RAA man.
He was trying to explain something to her. She waited for him to finish but the look on her face said,
       "I am not impressed with what I am hearing."
I had to wait to pedal across the traffic coming up and down the ramp so I could hear what was being said by the RAA man. He sounded like a parent trying to explain something to a two year old child.
The elderly lady waited until he drew breath and then said,
        "Young man I probably know more about the workings of the internal combustion engine than you will learn in a life time. I was doing my own repairs before you were born. I know precisely what is wrong. I asked for your assistance, not your advice."
I managed to get across the traffic flow at that point. The railing I lock my tricycle to is above the car park so I could see what was going on as I pulled out the lock and secured my transport.
The RAA man was meekly following her orders.

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the fly in the web said...

Many years ago, Mr. Fly was on a visit to his elderly mother in the U.K.and took her shopping at Sainsburys.
He loaded the shopping and was pulling out when he saw a lady loading her car boot.
She was a very large lady, it was windy, and it was clear she was wearing no undergarments.
He pointed this out to his mother who exclaimed

'Don't look!' and put her hands over his eyes.

While he was driving.