Saturday, 5 May 2012

If you look at the blogs

I read you will discover that almost all of them are writing or book related or written by authors I have "met" or "know" for some reason. 
I am trying not to add to that list because it can take up too much time but there are some which are regular reading. May I ask you today, even if you do not regularly read her, to pop into the last of Nicola Morgan's blog-warming party over at "Crabbit at Home" - yes, the author of "Help I need a publisher" has finally decided that it was time to have a more personal sort of blog. There's still some bubbly left I think. Spike, her cat from Wasted, and I decided to leave that for the rest of you. We might have snaffled a piece of chocolate each and we know there is a virtual salmon in her 'fridge because we put it there and plan to have it later. (She thinks it is for her but little does she know...  :-)! )
Nicola should not really need an introduction. She swoops around the internet as "the Crabbit Old Bat" - her description, not mine. She writes books like "Mondays are Red" and "Wasted." 
I sometimes wish she had not written "Blame your brain" because a couple of teens I know think it is utterly marvellous because it gives them - so they believe - an excuse not to get up in the mornings. Their mother, a friend of mine, is not so sure that it does give them that excuse. She blames me for introducing them to the book. It's a good book, an excellent book. It should be read by all teens - and their parents. The Whirlwind has also read it - and says she will try not to behave like that "even if my hormone things go wild". We will see.
There are other writers on my reading list too. I will try to get to all of them during the year but, if you are feeling impatient head over to "The Awfully Big Blog Adventure" (aka known as ABBA) because they appear there at times. The very articulate Crabbit Old Bat occasionally has a rant there - usually about some very important issue like the horrendous closure of libraries or the dire state of publishing for younger readers or the problems associated with "World Book Night". (Other authors have other rants and they are always worth reading.)
Now, do pop in to the last of her blog warming party - gifts of virtual chocolate and bubbly will be welcome I believe.

And if anyone cares to replace the salmon I would be grateful. I did not leave any for Cat or the COB - Spike.

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Anonymous said...

Cat, I have just replaced the salmon in the 'fridge. DO NOT TELL SPIKE! Chris