Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Apparently our Prime Minister can

knit. This seems a rather unlikely occupation for her but it was mentioned in one of those "social interest" pieces about celebrities over the weekend - along with the fact that she boxes. The boxing seems a much more likely occupation.
I know there are other celebrities who knit. The music students at one of the university students I attended were actually advised to learn to knit. There were two reasons for this, one was the exercise it gave their hands. The other was it was something they could do while waiting in the wings. I have taught a number of music students to knit. They say it is soothing.
Perhaps it is. Perhaps that is why our Prime Minister knits.There are other politicians who can knit of course. I believe Winston Churchill could knit. It is quite likely. He was not a man to waste time.  I wonder if any US President was a knitter? Some of their wives were.
Perhaps there is something about yarn, needles and yarn overs that calms people. Knitting is often repetitious. Good yarn and good needles are pleasant to hold. Creating something can be comforting when other things are going wrong.
We were given a clue about the sort of thing our Prime Minister knits...baby and toddler garments for friends seems to be the choice. We were told how she buys her yarn - from an online store in another state.
It is good she knits for friends but it would be better if she supported a local yarn store. Canberra has at least one, probably more.
I hope she has added a row or two to "the world's longest bookmark" being knitted in the National Year of Reading but I rather doubt it.  I wonder if she can knit and read at the same time.
Knitting is one of those rare occupations where it is possible to do two things very successfully at once, both knit and read. It may not be possible to knit a complex pattern and read at the same time but "the boring bits" or "the plain bits" can be managed - even I can manage it. I cannot sit and watch television - a very rare occupation - unless I am also knitting. I know other knitters who react the same way. I would however rather read a book and knit. It occupies the mind and the fingers. It can produce something useful. It can produce something beautiful. Sometimes it is both useful and beautiful.
People say knitting is a mindless activity. I disagree.


Anonymous said...

I thik the PM said once that she could walk and chew gum at teh same time, so perhaps ........

I visited one very interesting yarn shop in Canberra, and will be returning next trip.

Anonymous said...

Let me re-spell that ...
at THE same ...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she can get the right tension? :-) Ros

jeanfromcornwall said...

When I saw the Yarn Harlot speak in London, she explained the science which that proved that small repetitive movements (like knitting) can induce the calmest of brain waves.
I used to be able to knit, read, and watch television at the same time, but since I had to use bifocal glasses, I have not been able to get the book in the right place for that. Mind you, back then I used to make a lot of plain jumpers in 3 and 4 ply. Acres with no interesting manoeuvres!