Monday, 4 February 2013

Yesterday there was chaos in

the house. It had been quiet but something happened. The four great-grandchildren appeared over the horizon in the middle of the morning.
We were expecting them. They leave early today and the first thing on the list for yesterday was a visit to "Grandpa" (my brother is Grandad instead) and "Cat".
The kettle went on for the adults. Milk was supplied to one toddler. The other declined but they both had dry profiterole cases - left over from the party preparations. The almost toddler had a rusk. (He's teething and was not at his sunny best.) The baby was asleep but soon woke.
Our supply of toddler toys was brought out. There were blocks all over the floor. They needed plastic bowls to make a swimming pool - but without water "because we have to make it". (The father of one has just made a real one and we noted with interest that a high fence went around the imaginary one as well.) There were the inevitable trips to the little room - the younger toddler has been out of nappies for two weeks now.
They explored the garden, Fortunately the birds had not pecked the strawberries which had ripened just in time - three each for the two toddlers.
Oooh there are tiny, tiny red tomatoes too! They consumed some of those. They smelt the lavender "stinky nice" and headed off up the other path.
They stopped. "Cat's big bike!"
           "Could we have the key for the lock please?" the father of one asked. I went in and handed it over. A little later there were small squeals of delight and much laughter as the two little girls were being taken for a ride in the big basket at the back. I still do not know how they both fitted in together. I am not at all sure it was a good thing for the basket but they were having fun.
Meanwhile the baby was being fed and her mother was talking to me about early reading. Yes, the toddler gets a story every night and, if there is time, before she settles for her afternoon nap. She is not two yet but a book is the only thing she will sit still for.
One family had to leave then. They were catching up with friends. The others stayed a little longer. The baby was passed to me as the Senior Cat and "he's MY Daddy" went into the shed to get a screwdriver to put something together. The toddler used the little room - again.
It was well past lunch time by then but, having had a late and luxurious cooked breakfast, they did not want lunch. The toddler was sleepy but not too fractious.
The baby went to sleep in my arms. I could keep her!


Anonymous said...

aimilnesThey are perfect when they are asleep!

Sue Bursztynski said...

There's something magical for a child finding fruit growing in the garden. We had some strawberries growing in our garden when I lived at home and my nephews got so excited to find a little, ripe strawberry growing and be able to pick it. :-)