Tuesday, 25 June 2013

There is a picture of our

Prime Minister today - on the front page of our national newspaper. There is nothing unusual about that. Prime Ministers often appear on front pages. Some people would say they appear on front pages far too often.
This picture however is a little unusual. The Prime Minister is knitting. She is reportedly making a toy kangaroo for the "royal baby".  (I happen to think all babies are "royal" but that is beside the point.)
So there is our Prime Minister sitting on a chair with knitting needles and yarn. She is surrounded by more knitting needles and more yarn and a dog...presumably her dog. It is a "cavoodle" - a breed unknown to me but presumably a "something-poodle" cross. The picture is all too obviously "posed" but nevertheless the Prime Minister can knit. 
There are plenty of "film stars" who could or can knit Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren were apparently very keen. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Meryl Streep are apparently keen knitters - even teaching others on movie sets. Even movie directors knit - George Lucas of "Star Wars" fame is apparently handy with the knitting needles. I don't know whether it is true that Russell Crowe can knit.
I believe Winston Churchill knew how to knit - but then many men of his generation were taught in school. Albert Einstein could knit too. Eleanor Roosevelt inspired many men as well as women to take up knitting. 
Of course the former Bishop of Leicester, Richard Rutt, wrote "A history of handknitting". Did he ever wear that knitted mitre hat?
Angela Merkel can knit - although when she gets time is beyond me.  Madeline Albright apparently knits too - and perhaps has more time these days. 
In books Miss Silver and Miss Marple knit...and, of course, Madame Defarge. Trust Dickens to turn the cosy domestic picture of someone knitting on its head!
And then yes, what was I talking about? Our Prime Minister...knitting. I hope that little kangaroo is going well and the new baby actually does get it. Getting knitted toys to look professional is very difficult and some of those patterns can be hard to follow. I sent a kangaroo pattern to someone in the United States. That was some years ago now. She still wants to knit it - or so she says - but she keeps on putting it off. It is apparently the idea of having to put the entire thing together and stuff it evenly and well that is bothering her. It can be done. There is a picture to prove it - unless the picture is a fake. It might be but it looks real enough.
Oh yes, the Prime Minister is knitting?  Well, that may be a good thing. Knitting is soothing and calming - when it goes well - but this may be Purl-gate.


Anonymous said...

I actually got out some needles and a ball of wool to try holding the wool like the PM does ... discovered it is a good way to drop lots of stitches. Discovered that I could do it the way I was taught though.

Anonymous said...

I can't do it that way either! Ros