Friday, 4 October 2013

"They'e having a de-stash

sale at the art and craft centre," my informant said with a meaningful look at me. "I am sure you could contribute something. I'll send you a flyer. Just make sure you don't go home with a pile of other people's stuff."
Oh. Right. I pedalled off after being held up and wondered what she meant. De-stash? Get rid of something I didn't need? Mmm. I needed to think about that.
The flyer arrived home before I did. E-mail allows this sort of thing to happen. I ignored it until late in the day. There are, after all, more urgent things in my life.
There are also things I could usefully pass on to other people. Occasionally, if the Whirlwind does not use them, small crafty bits I believe are genuinely useful for someone have found their way to the local charity shop. If people are willing to pay a dollar or two to keep their children occupied in the holidays then this can only be a good thing. The Whirlwind does use a lot of what other people would consider "junk" or "rubbish". She likes to make things. They have to be able to be used. She does not like what she, like me, considers to be "dust collectors". Give her an empty milk container and a few other items and she will have it recycled into a useful seedling container in a trice.
There are some things that neither of us will use though. There is a book on sewing teddy bears. Neither of us sew. The Senior Cat most certainly will not use it. There is a similar book of Beatrix Potter patterns, interesting but we won't sew them. There is some of the "clip art" by the Dover publishing group. My younger sister used some of that at one point for a project she was working on. We don't need those any more.
There are duplicate biscuit cutters. They are new. Do they count as craft items? I suppose they do. Someone might find those useful. There is a pack of twelve HB pencils with floral printing and rubber tips. New. I think my mother was going to put them with something. I won't use them. The Whirlwind has her own ideas about pencils. They have to be good quality pencils. It is one of the few things she fusses over. I think I can be safely rid of the other pencils. There will be other things I am sure.
The group doing the de-stash sale will take a cut of course but perhaps I can add to someone's stash and they can provide a small donation for my friend who runs the centre for children in Africa?
I really must do a little clean out and see what else I can find!

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Helen Devries said...

Anything that can be re used as a plant container is re used....