Friday, 14 March 2014

Her surname is probably

Lebanese, certainly it would originate in that part of the world. The fact that she was apparently born and brought up in the middle of Australia is beside the point. At least, that is what the opposing forces would - very subtly - have you believe...a brick wall, paint, graffiti and bullet holes. Nothing racist about that - or so they claim.
We go to the polls tomorrow - for a state election.  The present government is looking for a fourth term in office.
It did not win a majority of the vote last time - just a majority of the seats because of the infinite peculiarities of our electoral system. It believes it can pull the same trick again.
And, because of that, they will try everything they can. I don't doubt the other side would do the same in their position. It is just that this is particularly nasty.
There are more than two candidates for the seat of course but there are two main contenders. One is the woman with the surname that has been (ab)used by her opponents and the other is a woman who has twice failed to wrest a federal seat from the man who has, despite a massive redraw of electoral boundaries, managed to retain a seat which many people believed would fall to her.
I am sure this woman believes it will be "third-time-lucky". If she didn't believe that why would she be trying? But why did she let them use that tactic with her opponent? She may still win the seat but her reputation has been irreparably damaged.
It has been a nasty incident and of course her team insists that what has been read into the material was not what was intended. Perhaps not - but they would have been well aware that it could be taken that way.
The good thing about all this however is that the court of public opinion appears to be firmly against them. While the media makes much of racism and some people appear determined to paint our society - rather than a few individuals within it - as racist it seems that many people think differently.  I hope so.

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