Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Senior Cat has an "i-pad"

- a gift for his 88th birthday a little over three years ago. After some excellent tutoring from his youngest nephew he can use it for basic internet searching.
Anything more seems to be beyond him but he has found the joy, enlightenment, despair and woe of things like "You-tube". Internet information continues to puzzle him.
He recently research "sharpen router cutter". Could it be done at home? Some said "yes", others (mostly professionals) said "no". There some clips showing how to do it or, as he put it, "how not to do it". He took his cutters off to the man who has sharpened his blades for years. I knew he would.
Then there was "glue". He wanted to know something in relation to glue in order to repair a chair. He could not, for some reason, use the usual method.
"You will need to be more specific than "glue"," I told him. Right.
I have tried to explain that searching the internet is like drawing a Venn diagram. The search terms need to overlap around the information until you find the nub you need in the middle. The Senior Cat understands that - sort of although he thinks "it would be much easier if you could just look it up". Right.
The Senior Cat also researches woodworking techniques, gardening, conjuring and a great range of other things.
"That's totally wrong," he will say of something.
"Well you could add to the comments," I tell him.
"I don't know how."
"I can show you but you will need to log in."
"No - I can't be bothered."
He refuses to learn to use e-mail - although that would simplify my life as people do sometimes send him e-mails to my personal address.
"How do you know they got it?" he asks me.
"How do you know someone gets a letter?" I ask him.
"I would much rather just ring them up," he tells me.
Would he? It's all a bit like his mobile phone. He can, just, make a phone call to me on that. It is more likely that, in an emergency, someone else would need to do it for him. 
I think he could still learn to use e-mail. He could learn to log in and make comments. He simply doesn't want to. He is content with life as it was in the 20thC.
I really can't blame him. Some things were simpler then - unless you dialled the wrong number.

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