Sunday, 24 August 2014

Yesterday there was the small matter of

buttons. Yes, buttons. You know what I mean don't you? They are used to hold things together.
The Senior Cat has been known to sew on a button- he is, after all, the son of a tailor. (I won't say his efforts were wonderful but the button stayed on.)
I keep a box of "might be useful" buttons - most of them are old shirt buttons. I also have a lovely, carefully and lovingly crafted timber box made by the Senior Cat. It has my "good" buttons in it - the buttons that I have collected or been given and that I use from time to time on something I have knitted. Like any craft addicted individual I know there will always be the need for buttons which match the project. That's all right. I can always look for more.
But then there are other people who are not craft addicted and thus lack such supplies.
One of these people lives around a couple of corners from me. We know one another because of his dog. The dog is an elderly cocker spaniel which walks at a leisurely pace. That suits his younger but still retired human. They live alone.
I came across them yesterday as I was pedalling home from the library. The human was urging the dog to go a little faster than usual and he was clutching at his waist.
They stopped on seeing me,
"Cat you don't happen to have a button do you? I've gone and lost the b....button off my trousers and it rolled off and I can't find it and the b....trousers keep falling down."
I couldn't help it. I laughed. Fortunately the human in question has a sense of humour. He laughed too.
"I'll bring one back for you in a moment," I told him.
I came home, found a button of the right sort - the same as the buttons on the Senior Cat's work trousers - and then hesitated. Mmm...I looked in the box with the cotton and found some thread. I added a needle. I returned.
I handed them all over. He thanked me. He looked at them as if they were foreign objects but I said,
"I am sure you will manage."
I am wondering how long it took him to sew the button on.

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