Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"You aren't writing about

knitting on your blog," someone told me yesterday. She is a member of the bookshop knitting group and a reader of my witterings, "You should write about it and include some photographs."
Oh yes, I have been told this before. The problem is that I do not see this as a "knitting" blog. I do not see myself writing about the latest yarn craze as I am most unlikely to be using the yarn in question. I do not see myself as writing about the pattern that "everyone" is knitting as I won't be knitting it.
I use yarn from odd places. It is often "different". I have an artist friend who also has a stall at craft fairs around the country. She does some extraordinary work. (For those interested try "googling" the words, "Knot Just Knitting" or "Prudence Mapstone" and see what you come up with - and tell me what you think.) She sources some very interesting and very different yarns. She has given me yarns to knit up as samples - and the freedom to design what I like. It has allowed me to play with not just wool but silk, mohair, bamboo, linen and quiviuk. (The last is madly, wildly expensive and the softest and most exquisite yarn imaginable.) Oh yes, I like playing with such things. Mind you, writing the resultant patterns is work, real work.
I have also regularly bought yarn from a source in England. (They call themselves "Colourmart".) They source and sell cones of yarn that are remainders from manufacturing runs. It isn't the sort of yarn you can buy in a local yarn shop - and it attracts me for that reason. It's different. You never know what is going to be on their site but they often have cashmere, cashmere mixes, merino, linen, silk and so on. Oh yes, you have to know something about yarn and knitting to use their yarns but, for the keen knitter, it is well worth the effort. They are popular. You have to be quick to get the brighter colours.
But how on earth would I write about these things? Oh yes I made a "tension square" or "gauge swatch"? So what? I didn't like the fabric so I "frogged it" and started again? So what?
Oh, I suppose I could post a picture or two of things I have finished but what?
It's not a knitting blog you see. It's about other things. What other things? Well, whatever I feel like writing about. One day I might even write about knitting...or did I just do that?


jeanfromcornwall said...

Regarding the knitting, I thought that was what Ravelry was for. Which reminds me, I haven't looked at you projects for some time - must treat myself to that!

catdownunder said...

Nothing to be seen I fear - last couple of projects were for Prudence and I don't put those on Ravelry!