Friday, 27 March 2015

Yesterday did not happen

- at least it seems not to have happened.
It is partly my own fault. I object to the idea of my nephew and BIL living on "take-away". This tends to happen if Middle-Cat is not at home. The males in her household can cook. They would not starve but right now my BIL is particularly busy at work and may not leave there until late. He then goes to visit his father in hospital and, of course, Middle-Cat while she is there. He finally gets home at around 9pm or even later. Cooking something to eat is not high on the agenda.
Nephew is at the beginning of post-grad work at  university and doing locum shifts wherever he is needed. He would need to do the shopping and....well you get the idea. 
Middle-Cat's household tends to eat Greek-Cypriot style cuisine. So yesterday I made "pastitso"  - after a trip to the supermarket. I made pasties because they also need nothing more than heating up.  BIL and nephew can make themselves the green salad to go with it. (Ingredients in the fridge guys.) It took up a good part of the morning and it had to be done then because we were expecting visitors in the afternoon. Senior Cat had an unexpected omelette for lunch. He is very accommodating about such things.
I was starting to clear the other table to put out things for afternoon tea when the phone rang. It was the mother of my friend asking if I  had  an e-mail from her. No. I hadn't checked the e-mail for about half an hour. They wouldn't be coming. She was ill. Oh. I am glad she was thoughtful enough to not share her germs with the Senior Cat. The e-mail arrived about twenty minutes later. 
As we were expecting her aunt to come later - and take them back to where they were staying - I phoned her. She was out but another member of  the community in which she lives answered the phone and I said I'd call again. Of course she called me when she got in and I explained. Right. She would change her plans and see us later than expected so she could visit someone else on the way. 
And then - another call from her. She was stuck in traffic - an accident at a busy intersection had traffic at a standstill - so would see us and pick up what the Senior Cat had made for her at another time. 
And then, at almost 7pm - yes, you can surely guess by now - my BIL called. He was still at work. He was going to do two hospital visits and then still had work to do. That pastitso would keep wouldn't it?  Nephew (also at work) would pick it up tomorrow.
What was he going to eat? He'd pick up something on his way to the hospital. Right.
And I managed to get all the work e-mail answered, letters written and several hours of serious internet research done.
But somehow....yesterday didn't happen. I didn't do most of what I planned to do... and today?

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