Sunday, 5 April 2015

"Where's Aunty Cat?"

"Is Aunty Cat back?"
"Is Aunty Cat here?"
"Have you seen my Aunty Cat?"
"Is my Aunty Cat here?"
Yes, my nephew was looking for me. Middle Cat rang just before lunch and informed me woefully that the cheap pyjama pants she had bought for her hospital stay were falling down and she needed some better ones that actually fitted. Oh. She is several sizes larger than me so I could not loan her anything. I promised to visit the unmentionable shop on my way to my knitting meeting or on my way from the knitting meeting  - whichever turned out to be the best. 
I did it on my to meeting  just to be certain I actually got it done.
I bought the requested bottoms but could not find tops to match. But Middle Cat had told me "a couple of t-shirts will do". I prowled into the "tops" section. They have winter stock in with long sleeves but no short sleeves that will fit Middle Cat's broad shoulders.
I head for the men's clothing section. Ah, things on sale...but Middle Cat does not need XXL or even XXXL and that XL is - vile. I prowled on. I explained the problem to a helpful sales assistant who apparently had nothing to do - remarkable in that particular establishment. She nodded and helped me prowl through two more "sale" racks. 
There they were - two XL t-shirts with a brand of car displayed on front. Sales assistant looked doubtful. I smiled an evil smile. My sister is a bit of a car fiend. They would be perfect. They were a mere $5 each. That made it even more perfect.
But Nephew-Cat was looking for me...he had rung the Senior Cat who explained that I had gone to do the shopping and then go to the meeting. Nephew Cat had gone to the meeting and then the shop and thus missed me both ways. 
And Nephew Cat also did some shopping. He bought Middle Cat a pair of pyjama bottoms. They were the right size too. 
I have not yet spoken to him but Middle Cat was very impressed that her son could manage such shopping. I am too. 
But it all made me realise that I really don't much care for this shopping lark.
And I should keep my phone turned on so that my nephew can contact his Aunty Cat when he needs to.

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Anonymous said...

Your phone and my phone would have very little chance of speaking to each other! I treat my mobile like I treated the phone on the wall in that I don't take it with me when I go down the street etc unless I need to keep in touch with somebody for some special reason. It only goes on car trips with me so I can call the RAA!