Wednesday, 20 January 2016

It seems "community standards"

do not apply to everyone. 
I have been having a little correspondence with the man at the news site which blocked me. He informed me that the "community standards" only applied to them - not other people. Right. I was apparently a very naughty cat whose cat hairs should be consigned to the dust bin of history. I gently suggested that there was bias there - just as there is on any other news site.
Hold on though. This is a major international news site. There is no bias. How can there possibly be any bias? They don't employ a single journalist guilty of any bias. The editorial staff never let any bias slip through. Contributors to the site can say as much as they like about other sites. Libel of public figures abounds.  
Apparently all this is fine provided that you don't even hint that they might occasionally let a little bias show. I wouldn't bother with the site at all except that I need to. I suppose that shows a certain degree of bias on my part. 
But it happens everywhere. Our state newspaper has a photograph on the front page this morning. There is a male cyclist from the Tour Down Under being kissed by not one but two females.  If the cyclist had been female and those doing the kissing male?????
Media standards  appear to be based on "this is what was convenient to us at that moment".
I wonder what happened to journalism?
Rant over. Tomorrow this cat will try to find a much more interesting arrangement of cat hairs.

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