Monday, 8 March 2010


and more books. Our visitor yesterday is obviously not 'a reader'. He stood there in the middle of our living area and announced with some pride, "I have not read a book since I left school." He had already indicated, using a delicate four letter word or two, that he did not like our choice of interior decoration - bookshelves. "You two should get a life," he told me in disgust, "You spend far too much time reading."
"What should we do instead?" I asked as mildly as I could.
"What the I know. Try watching a bit of telly for a change...or go to the footy...or go down to the pub and have a few beers. It would loosen you up. You might learn a thing or two."
"Well we do watch a little television..."
"Some ABC rubbish I suppose?"
"And SBS" (Our Special Broadcasting Service which concentrates on international and multi-cultural programmes.)
"There's some bloody good stuff on the other channels. You should be watching those instead and when did you last go to the pub for a few beers?"
"You know I am allergic to alcohol. It brings me out in a rash."
"You should learn to be not allergic. I reckon you could if you tried. The trouble is you just don't want to be sociable. I'll take you down the pub tonight."
"No thankyou."
"There you are. I told you - you just don't want to be sociable."
"Not like that thanks."
My father comes in from outside. Our visitor wants a couple of screws for something that is falling apart at his place. They disappear out to the shed.
A few minutes later they come inside and I hear them in the room my father uses as his study. It is also lined with books. I hear my father telling him,
"Now take a look at that. It will show you just how to do the job."
"Yeah, right. Thanks."
They come out. Our visitor has a book in his hand. I cannot resist it.
"Books do have their uses."


Donna Hosie said...


I love my books. I love my television. I love my beer.

I can clearly multi-task!

catdownunder said...

I have been known to read a book, watch (listen) to television, knit and eat an apple all at the same time. What I cannot do is just sit and watch television!

Anonymous said...

Television? Is that the screen the children watch? ~Miriam

catdownunder said...

I think so Miriam! The thing they wriggle around in front of perhaps?

Talli Roland said...

Wow. I'm speechless! I can't believe someone would utter those words out loud.

To each their own!

(I must disclose here that I do love reality telly, though...)

Jean said...

I can't imagine a life without books.

Holly said...

and we wonder why he has broken things at home?

(rest assured, he would have been making nasty cracksin the Mastadoon era of those who stayed at home by the fire rather than join the boasting around a communal BBQ pit).

catdownunder said...

It was naughty of me - but I could not resist!

Scrimcat said...

I have the same views on interior decoration. A house is not properly decorated without books.

I hope he had the good grace to look abashed when you made that comment.

catdownunder said...

Hi Scrimcat - you found your way here too? Purr!
Our visitor is a very strange man - leads a really Walter Mitty existence!