Friday, 26 March 2010

The Knit-gang is getting together

on Saturday. It has been a while. We normally meet once over the summer but it did not happen this year. The oldest member of the group (85) was in hospital with a cracked vertebrae in her neck. The youngest member of the group (27) was still getting used to life with twin girls in the house.
This little group began by accident. A couple of people got together one day. The next time they met a couple of other people joined them. The group somehow doubled in size. I was invited at that point. One of the first people left the group, another went back to her country of origin. (We still miss her although it has been several years now.) We do not meet on a regular basis - just a few times a year when our busy schedules allow.
Four members of the group are 'retired' but they lead busy lives helping others. The rest of us work - the mother of the twins works part time from home. All we have in common is an interest in knitting. I am now the only member of the group with a university degree but another has secretarial skills of the highest level. Only one member of the group does not have English as her mother tongue although four are migrants. Our political and religious beliefs are diverse. Our musical and artistic tastes are even more diverse.
People wonder what makes us come together. Why do we get on so well?
I think the answer to that is that we do have shared values. We believe in the value of creativity. We all have different skills and different abilities. We do not mind sharing these with each other.
We do share common interests in food - of the everday, feed the family on a budget kind - and in knitting - which ranges from the ultra fine to the heavy duty. (My father has socks that one member of the group knits for him - earnest, serious grey socks that he loves to wear.)
When the 85 yr old was in hospital we all but one of us went to visit. When the 27yr old had her twins we all but one of us gave the babies small gifts for the future. We have met in the homes of all but one of us. It is always the same one.
But, apart from that one, we are - despite all our differences - there for each other. We have somehow knitted ourselves together.


Sheep Rustler said...

Sounds great. I ran a little knitting group for a couple of years but when I could no longer keep it going (due to other committments) no-one else wanted to do it. Yours sounds great, have fun.

catdownunder said...

This one does not get 'run' by anyone - I think that might be the secret!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a knitting group tis quilter would enjoy!

Judy B

ps I think I must be seeing things ..... word verification is 'motor'!!

catdownunder said...

I'll let you know next time the gang meets here and, if you are up this way, you could come and join us!