Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My screensaver is

a cat. Well, what else did you expect? My brother-in-law found it and added it when he put my original computer package together. I am very happy with this. It has been there for years and I see no need to change it. After all, it is my screensaver. I am the one who has to look at it from time to time.
Apparently not everyone feels the same way about this. I get asked, "Why don't you get rid of that thing?" or "Why don't you get something more up to date/exciting?"
I actually feel as if my screensaver cat is a friend. I do not want anything more up to date and my cat is quite exciting enough for me. I actually like cats and, mostly, they like me as well. We get along very well together.
But there is something else about this suggestion that I should change my screensaver that bothers me. It is the suggestion that I need to change something that works perfectly well for me.
Change can be a very good thing sometimes. Change can renew. Change can be more efficient. Neither of those things apply with the screensaver. The site from which it comes allows me to update it occasionally but the essential character remains the same. He is an old friend. Why should I discard him?
"Well at least change your avatar occasionally" I get told. Why? That cat sitting on a book stack is me. I cannot change myself just like that. I am comfortable with my cat self. Changing my avatar would also be change just for the sake of change. It would not do anything useful. It might also be a nuisance. People might think I had prowled off into cyberspace.
I do not dislike change but it has to serve some purpose.


Joanna St. James said...

this is just a thought, but what if you updated the same kitty to do stuff like lick its paws.

catdownunder said...

He plays with leaves, chases a butterfly, drinks milk etc. He also has a toybox so that I can play with him! He really is the purrfect pet!

Sheep Rustler said...

I dislike the notion of change for the sake of change. Change to improve, or renew, is a good thing. Change for no reason is a bad thing. If you like your screensaver, keep it! And Please don't change your avatar, it's perfect!

catdownunder said...

I have no intention of changing it. It expresses me purrfectly!

Frances said...

It is not always wise, in my experience, to reject advice that is meant kindly.

Change is what life is inexorably about. Change is often about growth.
I resist change, and have to often be dragged screaming to accept it...(but that is why I am writing on this screen instead of on a typewriter).

Frances said...

I do regret the split infinitive.

Weaving a Tale or Two said...

I love variety, so I would go nuts if I had to have the same screensaver every day. I have a huge collection of downloads and family pics I use on Webshots. Sometimes I feel bad that I keep my dang screen so full of other things that I can't see the desktop, which is also Webshots--did I mention I love Webshots? ; )