Sunday, 24 October 2010

This real life horror story was

'tweeted' by author, Gillian Philip. (You will find Gillian under her own name and on An Awfully Big Blog Adventure - I recommend her writing.)

The story here - - is a different matter. There are probably more stories like this available on the internet if you want to look for them. I do not. I hear enough about them as part of my day job...from aid workers who somehow have to find the mental strength and courage to continue trying to help the people these atrocities happen to - because this was not a one-off incident by any means. This sort of 'judicial surgery' frequently results in death and only a tiny fraction of cases are reported.

The notion that this sort of 'punishment' is somehow 'condoned' under Sharia law is also outrageous. It is an 'interpretation' by criminals, thugs, the ultra extreme extremists. It is done in the name of power, not religion. It is also one more reason why Islamic fundamentalism has to be condemned and fought.

I am totally opposed to the death penalty, to torture, to flogging, to stoning and any other form of cruel or unusual punishment. Their 'legality' in some parts of the world does not interest me. If you impose those punishments on other people you degrade yourself and the society in which you live.

I do not know what sort of God these scum think they believe in. I do not see how they can believe in a God at all.

Sorry, I just had to have a little rant. I will get back to something more pleasant tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps those of us who do not go to church needed this on a Sunday.