Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I think the nice sounding man

who sent me the e-mail message saying they could not find what I had ordered was worried I might get cross....most people probably do get cross and might even get rude. I see no point. This was not drastic - another colour will do just as well. No, I do not need an extra one to make up for it. I will be happy just as long as I get something I can use.
I know there are other people not like this. They want what they have ordered and they want it immediately. They want exactly what they have ordered.
I know people who can be very rude about this. They will take business elsewhere or bully people into giving them something more expensive.
There are times when this matters and there are times when it does not matter. If it does not matter then I will not make a fuss. I dislike fuss. I am never good at standing up for myself at any time. I certainly do not want to be rude or difficult. If something cannot happen then I will accept it.
I am not sure that the poor man knows what to make of all this. He has just sent me another e-mail saying how nice I am being. Actually sir, I am a coward.


Rachel Fenton said...

I am not a coward when cowardice would better suit me! Ah, to be able to grin and bear it....however, I did a good deed, I went to my local library and sought out the librarian in person who telephoned me to ask if I could look for the disc of children's songs I had borrowed. (Actually my husband had borrowed them and hadn't told me and I had no idea what the disc was or where it was), having telephoned husband who insisted he had returned the disc, I called the library and passed the message on. Then I found the disc. So I apologised to the librarian for wasting her time, having her look again...and I'm so tired I don't know if that makes sense..

catdownunder said...

You are nice Rachel - most people would not bother!

Anonymous said...

Recently, aomeone helping me made a mistake and apologized for it.

I teasingly asked if it had been a gremlin in the computer. No, she said, her mistake.

I said how refreshing it was to deal with a real, fallible human - one who finds and acknowledges her errors.


Talli Roland said...

I'm like you! Sometimes I'm too nice, when in reality I should be making a fuss!