Friday, 28 October 2011

I will need a new

knitting project very shortly. I am very nearly finished the comfort shawl I am making for a friend. There are "not quite three rows and the casting off" to do. My other project, the "small" one, is about half way there and must be finished by Wednesday of next week. I want to give that to someone else.
I try to always have two knitting projects. One will be a "large" project and one will be a "small" project. The "large" project does not usually travel far until it is finished. The "small project" is the one I keep for things like train journeys into the city or travelling in a car. Large projects are shawls or pullovers, cardigans, vests and the like. Small projects are socks, mittens or hats.
Occasionally I break the rules. I knitted mittens in my "large" knitting time this year because I was anxious to give them to the person who needed them. The current shawl has travelled to the bookshop - again because I am anxious to finish it.
I have made two vests from linen this year. They have gone to the friend I will be helping at a craft fair next week. (Yes, I am taking my four days "annual leave". I am not working at my usual day job. I am going to go and talk about knitting instead.) They were "large and small" projects because they travelled with me until they were done. They were time consuming because the yarn was fine - laceweight to the knitters among you. They were also time consuming because linen has no elasticity. It is not easy to knit. (I also made another shawl out of the same yarn this year. It went off to America and I have not seen it since. I suspect I may not see it again. )
I have been given yarn this year, more than I can hope to handle in my life time. Some of it I have sold for the benefit of a friend who runs a refuge for children. Some of the "odds and ends" have been given to other knitters. We made a rug and raffled it off with the proceeds going to another charity.
There is yarn there, most of it is "odds and ends". There are quite a lot of single balls or single skeins. There is the curious sample skein of yarn made from milk and merino. Yes, 80% milk and 20% merino. Do not ask me how they make it. I do not know. It feels a little like a silk/wool mix. I am wary of making it into anything for a baby in case they should try to suck it. They suck things anyway but this might irresistible. It may make a smallish Juliet type cap. We will see.
My next small project needs to be something interesting but not too complex. I need to be able to take it with me. I need to be able to pick it up and put it down. I need to be able to talk about it.
I am considering this skein of milk -will it be worth "drinking"?


Anonymous said...

"... a friend who runs a refuge for children.."
If one purpose of the government is to secure the future, then any refuge for children should be government funded and supported, with no need for charity.

catdownunder said...

Anonymous (I wonder who you are?) -I agree this would happen in an ideal world but this refuge happens to be in Africa and it is even less likely to occur there.