Saturday, 1 October 2011

We are going to a birthday

event this afternoon. I will not call it a "party". It is a "drop in" for an 80th.
I do not like these sort of events. I never know when to arrive - or leave. I am not an "idle chit-chat" sort of person. I am not sure I like birthday parties either
I have made the requisite card with 80 quotations on it. The birthday "boy" is a retired priest. Some of the quotes are "religious", others are "gardening" (his passion). Some are in Swahili. (That is less clever than you might think. I do know a few words of Swahili but all this requires is a little searching on the internet and a little cross checking.) Yes, he spent some time in Tanzania as a "missionary". I make the card for the person, not for my own interests.
I will, as mentioned a little while ago on this blog, make another for another friend - for her 70th.
The cards are just a bit of fun. They are also a compromise when the invitation says "no presents" and you know you really do not know the person well enough to offer a present anyway.
But, I do not want anyone to make me one. I do not want my birthdays celebrated. If I had grown up having an annual event which centred around "me" I might feel differently. I did not. I feel uncomfortable when people attempt to make a fuss. I would not want a party. One reason for this is that most people will be celebrating something else anyway. They always have been. They always will be. Sometimes, when I am asked, people refuse to believe me when I tell them the date.
The celebration of birthdays was under discussion several days ago. I was told I was selfish not wanting to celebrate my birthday, that I should think other people might like to acknowledge it.
I do not mention my birthday unless directly asked. I do not expect people to know when it is or acknowledge it - especially if they question my veracity as to the date. Is that really selfish?

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widdershins said...

Selfish? ... Nah. I think it's a silly word, full of blame and primordial slime.

How do you celebrate and honour the changes of the seasons though, as they are reflected in your life? Not you, in relation to your surroundings or who you are relating to, but you in relation to your Self?