Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Putin is President

again in Russia but our Neighbourhood Watch group folded last year.
Putin wanted the job. Nobody wanted to run Neighbourhood Watch. There are some jobs nobody wants to give up.  There are some jobs nobody wants.
Putin wants power. I do not think anyone, even his supporters, would doubt that. His turn as Prime Minister was merely "time out" until he could become President again. And yes, he manipulated the results in order to return. Even as Prime Minister he was a powerful man.
Almost anyone who wants to be a Prime Minister or a President wants power. There are perhaps one or two exceptions to this but they are rare. Once there they also want to stay there. They are almost never the best people for the job.
The same thing happens in other groups.  I belong to a group in which the constitution allows for someone to be President for no more than two consecutive terms. The last person to be President was reluctant to pass the baton. There was even talk of changing the constitution so she could continue in the job. I argued against this. Yes, she was a good President in many ways but the very fact that she was prepared to continue was reason enough to find someone else. The Patron of the organisation, a former high ranking politician, agreed with me. The group has found another President.
I know of other groups where there is no restriction on how long someone can remain in office. One group has just lost their President of thirty-one years. They went to his funeral yesterday. One of the members called in to see me about something else on his way home and said, "I don't know what we will do now." Well they could find another President but it is going to be difficult. I suspect the group will fold. They have brought the problem on themselves.
My father has taken his turn on a number of occasions and in a number of organisations. So have I. We have always made it clear that, at the end of our elected term, that will be it. They need to find someone else.
And it is going to be the same with my work. This year I really have cut it down. I have two people who can now work alone and two more in training. Between them all they should eventually be able to do what I did. I am passing the baton - albeit slowly. I know I have to.  It need not stop me cheering them on occasionally from the sidelines if I can be bothered.  I am not sure I will be bothered to do it though and they may not even notice me if I try.
It will not matter. I have other things to do.

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