Sunday, 30 September 2012

I came home with a

tomato plant yesterday. Yes, this was a little unusual.
Our garden is the domain of the Senior Cat. He planned it (in that it is planned at all) and he plays in it...or works in it. Gardening can be a very serious business.
I rarely get consulted about what might get planted in it. That's fine with me. We may sometimes have an excess of some things but I do get a variety of useful produce for the kitchen. The Senior Cat enjoys himself. That's all that matters.
The tomato plant was in the supermarket. I had gone in to pick up extra milk because Monday is a holiday. ("Labour Day" I think - rather a foolish reason for a holiday.) There were plants lined up just inside the entrance.
Not only would I normally never buy a tomato plant I would also hesitate to buy one from a supermarket but this one looked fresh, very much alive and very healthy. It was also a cherry tomato. The Senior Cat and I are both very fond of cherry tomatoes.  We like the way you can pop a tiny whole tomato in your mouth and go "bite" and get a little squirt of tomato flavoured juice. Yum!
The Senior Cat approved. I thought he would. He went off after lunch and "rescued" another one and some flower seedlings that he thought looked in need of a good home before anyone mistreated them. We may also have petunias this summer. It is something to anticipate with pleasure.
When I went out this morning the birds were busy in the garden. One tiny bird was perched on the edge of the pot containing the tomato plant. I stayed out of the way and let it get on with breakfast. The bigger birds graciously accepted a handful of breadcrumbs. One of them came within a few centimetres of my feet to rescue a few crumbs.
There are people I know who have garden space. They have time to garden. They have the money to garden. They do not garden. Their front gardens are a patch of lawn and a few hardy shrubs surrounded by shredded bark...sometimes there is not even any lawn. They have paved the lawn over so they do not need to mow that area.
Their "gardens" are dull - and they have no birds.

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jeanfromcornwall said...

And here we are just harvesting the last of our tomatoes.