Thursday, 13 September 2012

"There's more," she tells me

when I answer the knock at the front door.
I was expecting the caller. She works for the local bookshop. At the last meeting of the knitting group she asked me quietly if I thought the group could use some more knitting wool.
Oh yes, we will use knitting wool. I know other people who will use wool too. As always though I assumed she meant a few odd balls of wool that we could turn into hats and mittens or small garments for needy children.
Not so. First she e-mailed me and said she thought it was "a bit too much" to leave at the shop. I thought there might be a bag full and said, "Well, bring it around."
Late yesterday afternoon she came with two big bags and, on the second trip from her car,  a plastic container full to the brim. Oh. Yes. Right. Thankyou. Thankyou very much. I'll see it gets shared out and knitted up for worthy causes.
She smiled nicely and said, "Do what you like with it."
She dumped it on the floor of the living area and left. I did not even dare look at it. I went and finished the document I was working on. I uploaded it. I dealt with more e-mails.
I could almost hear all that wool complaining and moaning about "just being dumped". If it could have shifted itself I am sure it would have marched to where I was working and demanded attention. I ignored it.
I ignored it until I realised it was going to be in the way and the Senior Cat was likely to trip over it. Then I went and moved it into the other room. I peeked into the top of the bags as I did so, brilliant pink, bright sky blue, scarlet, purple, cream and brown. Good colours for beanies. I know my fellow knitters will be pleased but I told it all firmly that I did not have time to look further.  Tomorrow perhaps.
It is still sitting there. It stared accusingly at me as I passed it this morning - and I swear that, in revenge, it multiplied overnight.  


jeanfromcornwall said...

I'm sure you will be able to tame it - work on similar principles to training small animals - kind but firm.

catdownunder said...

It is still staring balefully at me Jean! I may manage it - had no idea how unruly it could be!