Friday, 29 March 2013

"Do you want me to

make some hot cross buns or just buy some?" I asked the Senior Cat yesterday.
He looked at me. I could see him thinking, "Making them is work but I don't like the bought sort."
I don't either. I said, "I can make them..."
"Yes please."
The Senior Cat does not understand the modern version of the hot cross bun. His mother used to make hot cross buns. They were what he still considers to be real hot cross buns. They were faintly sweetened bread dough flavoured with mixed spice, currants and sultanas. 
The Senior Cat came home from the shopping centre on Wednesday and said to me, "Did you know they make hot cross buns with no fruit in them? That's not right."
He had apparently seen the display in the bakery next to the post office. The bakery has buns with fruit, buns without fruit,  buns with dark chocolate chips and buns with white chocolate chips. The supermarket has all those things and buns without yeast, gluten free buns, buns with fruit and chocolate chips and probably other sorts of buns too.
They also have rabbit shaped biscuits, a seemingly endless supply of chocolate and sugar eggs, "specials" on fish, chicken and lamb as well as other "Easter" related suggestions of ways you can part with your money. 
I bought none of these things on Thursday. We still have chocolate left from the Senior Cat's birthday at the beginning of February. (He was given a box which we only opened at the beginning of the week.) We like chocolate but we often forget it is there. 
I make our bread. I have done it for years. The hard work is actually done by a bread machine. I fling the ingredients in, press a button or two and let it mix and need and rise and bake. I do have to be around to add additional ingredients as we don't have the sort of machine that adds nuts or fruit at the right point. It is not really a problem, The advantage is that I know what goes into our bread - and the Senior Cat thinks of it as bread not "that square white sliced stuff that doesn't taste of anything". 
And so we come to the hot cross could I even suggest buying some? The house is beginning to fill with the warm, sweet, yeast and fruit scented aroma of the hot cross buns of the Senior Cat's childhood - well, almost. I will still let the machine do most of the work!  

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