Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Whirlwind has informed me

we are heading for the local charity shop this morning. It is the third Saturday of the month so the place will be open. (It is open on both the first and third Saturdays.)
When I asked why she said there was a "fancy dress thing" at school and she has to be shearer. "I need a hat because it is going to be outside.There might be a hat there."
It is a reasonable assumption - although I know she is thinking it will be an excuse to prowl around the bookroom as well.
Why, I asked the Whirlwind, had she chosen to be a shearer? It did not sound in the least like her.
"It's what the teachers said I had to be. It's better than being a bushranger like Tilly or a kangaroo or something like that."
It is as well they did not tell the Whirlwind she had to be a bushranger. She would likely have refused to cooperate. She has no time for Ned Kelly and his associates.
I asked her what else she was wearing. "My Dad's old gardening stuff and the garden shears - but don't worry I'll tie them up tight so they won't hurt anyone." Right. She does think about those things.
I can remember being dressed as a rabbit when I was a very small child. There is a picture of me somewhere in the costume. It must have been borrowed from somewhere because my mother would never have made it.
I have the vaguest memories of "hopping" around the floor on all four paws with a number of other very small children. I also remember my brother wearing a similar costume a couple of years later although his was a tiger. I remember this because the tail came off.
Some years after that I had to go to yet another event at school which required "fancy dress". My grandfather had a large cardboard box in his tailoring shop. He brought it back with the suggestion we could do something with it because it was circular. My grandmother helped me paint it red and I went to the event as a "letter box". It was not a terribly comfortable costume. I could not sit down!
I have memories of the usual cowboys, Indians, ballet dancers, witches and animals at that event - but no other letter box.
And then I had another thought,
        "If you are a shearer do you need a sheep?"
        "No, some of the little kids will be sheep. I'm glad I'm not a little kid anymore. You will come and look won't you?"
I wouldn't miss it for anything!

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