Monday, 16 September 2013

I am about to head out

to the last of my duties as a steward at the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society Show. This time it is to help dismantle the displays we put together in the craft area and make sure that people get their items back safely.
The system works pretty well and I know some of the exhibitors who have won prizes so it will be good to be able to congratulate them.
It will also be interesting to hear what some of them have planned for next year. They can plan in advance because there are categories which remain the same. There will be new categories too. The present Convenor of the area likes to keep people on their toes and interested and it is paying off. People who have never entered items before are finding the courage to do so when they see a class they think they can enter or that suits their style of work.
And next year there is something special coming up. A quilt challenge. Remember I wrote about the Chronicle quilts?
The pattern for one of the quilts has been put together for people to use and they are hoping that the 175th year will produce an array of quilts of that pattern interpreted by intrepid quilt makers and other craftspeople.
I have done my bit I hope. Today I am planning to hand over the 21 pictures which appear on the Farm Life Quilt in their charted form.
It has taken me a long time to do this. It was a difficult and very fiddly process. My writing time for the last few weeks has had to give way to doing the charts. I would rather write, much rather write,  but I promised I would try to do it and I have done it.
The pictures are "twee", a pig leaning over a gate, a boy fishing, a maid in a mob cap churning cream into butter and so on. It will be interesting to see how people interpret these pictures now. They were old-fashioned in 1932 and more so now.
And I wonder whether the descendants of the 18yr old girl who made the prize winning quilt on the front of the pattern pack know what she did. Do any of them make quilts?


Anonymous said...

Could be very interesting!

catdownunder said...

Will be interesting to see what comes up next year too Judy!