Monday, 14 April 2014

I am prowling off to get my 'flu

vaccination today. It is not something I enjoy. I do not imagine it is something that anyone enjoys but I have a particular loathing of needles being stuck into me. It always makes me ponder people who get a tattoo - all that needlework to deliberately and permanently disfigure yourself? It's not as if it is even a cultural thing among most of the people I know. Why do it?
The Senior Cat and I discussed this yesterday when I reminded him of where I would be heading in the morning. He has had his jab. I should have had mine at the same time but had to delay it because of a meeting.
We both pondered whether my mother would have had a jab once she reached that age. We doubted it. Her upbringing as a "Christian Scientist" would probably have caused her to say, "It's not necessary." She never really got over her childhood rejection of all medical treatment or her desire to "protect" us from it. It was the Senior Cat who insisted we were vaccinated. His views about "protection" were quite different.
Other people I know also say of 'flu vaccinations "It's not necessary" or "It's a waste of time" or "It's just a con - a way for the pharmaceutical companies to make money" or "It doesn't stop you getting the 'flu."
But, because of the Senior Cat, I know a good many older people. They are vulnerable, some of them have other difficulties and a dose of the 'flu caught from me would be the last thing they need.
I have stayed away from older, vulnerable people I know because I had a cold. I didn't want to pass it on. I've been fortunate in not having many of those but I don't want to feel responsible for making someone else ill.
And then there is my friend with arthritis. It looks as if she will now need to have some breathing assistance for the rest of her life. The 'flu would probably be fatal.  One cold and pneumonia would be too. I know it is going to happen and it may even happen soon but I don't want to be the one responsible.
So, I am going to accept being jabbed.


Helen devries said...

My mother refuses to have the jab after falling very ill after a flu jab some five years ago...but she is infuriated by various social workers who call on her when they clearly have bad colds.

catdownunder said...

So unfair Helen when people claim they have to go on working - heard someone at the hospital the other day saying he had come to work because he didn't have any sick leave left. He sounded as if he should have been in isolation!