Friday, 4 April 2014

Today's front page

is sadly reminiscent of the old "News of the World" or the paper that was once published here called "The Truth" - the latter was, of course, anything but true.
There was more commentary about the way the latest horrific child abuse case was handled. Nothing is going to change there until attitudes change and different solutions are tried - and I doubt that will happen soon. "Rights" tend to be bigger than responsibilities in such situations.
And then there is the other "sensational" case. I would not be giving the idiot media space.  This is the bridegroom who allegedly turned up drunk for his wedding. The minister, rightly, refused to marry him.  I have to say "allegedly" drunk because the related offences have not yet been proven in court. I am not interested.
What did interest me was the complete self-interest of this character. It was all about him.
Oh yes, the bride-to-be gets mentioned. He wants her back. She is, apparently, still the love of his life. Really?
There is no mention however of how totally, utterly and completely humiliated she must have felt. It's all about him.
If the photograph is correct he didn't smarten up for his court appearance - t-shirt with a bird of prey on the front and non-brushed hair were the order of the day.  I think that says a great deal. I wouldn't want anything more to do with him.
I know of another wedding that did take place. It was very elaborate and very, very expensive. The wedding lasted less than twenty-four hours. The bride walked out. All she wanted was the wedding. She did not want marriage. Fortunately for the boy in question the media did not sniff the story out but he left the state and will probably never fully recover from the humiliation. She is apparently wondering why boys don't want to go out with her.
And then I wondered what would happen if you put these scenarios into a book - the same book.
I don't write "romance"  and I don't think there are "happily ever after" endings here. Would anyone find the story believable? 


Anonymous said...


No ... it wouldn't even be fantasy!

jeanfromcornwall said...

It's when people like that groom and the other bride treat the others like mannikins that they can just move around on a board that you know that they are missing an essential part that makes them properly human. They should go through life wearing a label saying "at your own risk"
Speaking for myself - after forty seven years I still want the marriage, but still regret that we had to do the wedding day bit in order to have it!