Sunday, 2 November 2014

A problem arose

yesterday. It is one that I knew would eventually come but the new proposal was landed on the entire group without warning.
For years the knitting guild I belong to has met in an old hall belonging to the Returned Serviceman's League. Part of it was once a church and the other side is a hall. We have had use of the hall and what was the church porch has been our storage space. The storage space is cramped but most people have recognised we were lucky to have it.
The other advantage has been that the meeting place is relatively central and accessible whichever side of the city you live on. The building has recently been renovated. There is a new kitchen and new toilets.  It is very nice but something has happened to the electrical wiring and the building is not safe at the moment.
At this point the guild has had an offer to move in with another craft group which is moving into their own premises. If the details can be satisfactorily worked out then there will be a lot of advantages and it is, overall, likely to be a good thing.
But it means I will no longer be able to attend meetings. I won't be able to get there. It has already been difficult. The Senior Cat is still intellectually alert and pretty good at caring for himself but for safety reasons I prefer to be around to give him his lunch and make pots of tea when needed. In a couple of weeks I'll be helping a friend for four days and I have arranged with the neighbour across the way that she will call in and check on those days. (Yes, the Senior Cat grumbled about that but he knows it is wise. He is doing a big job for her so she is more than happy to oblige.)
But going to guild meetings is not, sadly, a necessity. It's a fun thing. Someone was kind enough to say she would pick me up but that's not possible. She is on the committee. She needs to be there early and to stay until the very end. I have been arriving late and leaving a little early. I also know she has a very ill husband and I don't ever want to put someone in the position of thinking they must attend a meeting because they have promised to take another person. I have looked at trains and timetables and how far it is to ride at each end but our trains run just once an hour. I would be gone for five hours and be able to spend about an hour in all. Someone would need to check on the Senior Cat. It's not worth the effort and I would never forgive myself if he was harmed because there was nobody there to check. I can't stop him falling over but I can, I hope, be sure he doesn't lie there for hours.
So, I will need to rethink my social life again. It is pretty minimal now but I know I need to get out sometimes because I have seen what happens when people don't. Suggestions anyone?


Anonymous said...

There may be a quilt group in your area, so you might have to take up a new hobby!

catdownunder said...

But I can't sew Judy!