Thursday, 6 November 2014

I am more than just

a little tired of politicians lying. I know, they all do it. It is part of the political game to promise you the earth and heaven as well. Does anyone really believe those promises? I don't.
I do tend to believe them if they say "vote for me and this negative thing will happen". After all, politicians are not about offering negatives.
But recently our state government has been playing another little game. "The massive increase in some state taxes is all due to the federal government cutting what it gives us. They promised we would get more and we have got less."
Sorry, no. The federal party now in Opposition made some promises which would have brought in about the same amount of money as the state is now getting through the GST (VAT) fund. The state would probably have got slightly less than it is now getting because the funding priorities of the present federal government are slightly different. They are less concerned with trying to prop up failing industries and more concerned about building infrastructure. People have varying opinions about that.
But the state government persists in trying to say that the increases to the Emergency Services levy rise is all due to the failure of the federal government to give what it promised to the state government. This is nonsense but they continue to persist in saying it. 
Our household ESL bill had a modest increase of 438% - yes, that is the correct percentage - but some places have been hit for far more than that. There is no guarantee that the money will be spent on emergency services either - despite what the legislation says. The money is going into that bottomless pit of "general revenue". The present government has wasted more than any previous government - on a desalination plant which is not used, an oval up-grade for an event it will not host, a hospital being built on contaminated ground where the costs have blown out beyond belief, a footbridge over a "river" which saves a few people walking and extra two hundred metres to the oval and... I could go on. It has not made any attempt to divert the excessively long goods trains coming through the hills behind us. That is too expensive they tell us as well as claiming all the funds have to come from the federal government. The trains have become longer still of late. If one broke down at a critical point then, in an emergency, disaster would ensue. There is other ageing infrastructure which needs repair but none of these projects would be of the shiny, new sort that governments so like.
I don't think the other side of politics would be any better but this time the blatant lying that has persisted in the face of being told by an angry electorate to accept responsibility is too much. We will pay the ESL bill. We don't drink alcohol or smoke or gamble and we will go without a household repair to do it. Others will not pay the bill. They don't have our resources or our willingness to go without but the Senior Cat is angry. I am angry. It's not that I don't want medical staff to work in good surroundings. I do. I think the vast majority of them deserve the best possible working environment. No, it's the money that has been wasted, the overly high wages paid to some men on a union controlled worksite and the money which will line the coffers of the party. That is the party which has lied and continued to lie to us about the money. Our state is as good as bankrupt but all the government can do is wail "it's not our fault".
I am sorry. It is your fault. What is more you managed to retain power on a minority of the vote so you have an even greater responsibility to do the right thing. I suggest you start by cutting the ESL and a heap of red tape which is preventing development - but perhaps the scissors are too blunt?


Helen Devries said...

If it was the U.K. the scissors would have been privatised and the European Union would demand that - to prevent corruption - a 'study' should be made before any action could be taken..

catdownunder said...

they are working on privatisation here and they have "working parties" to "atudy" everything.