Tuesday, 17 February 2015

50 Shades of Grey

is a vile book. The subject matter is offensive and deeply disturbing. It is also a badly written book - unless it improves dramatically beyond the chapter I managed to read. I am told it does not improve - that it gets worse.
I am genuinely puzzled that anyone would actually want to write such a book, that it should get published and that people wanted to read it. As for turning it into a film.... Why? What do people see in something that glorifies the sort of thing that any decent-minded person should find repugnant?
I wonder what it does to people who act, direct and produce such movies? It must have an impact on their lives and that impact has to be negative. 
Going to see such a film must surely be a negative experience as well? It is apparently turning into a "box office success". That raises all sorts of questions in my mind about the sort of society we are if that is what people find "entertaining". It isn't - or it shouldn't be. 
If anyone reading this can give me an argument for glorifying an abusive sexual relationship then please do tell me. I can find no reason to do so at all.  
The Senior Cat has reached an age where he refuses to watch the news. He finds it too distressing. He has lived through poverty and wars. He says he doesn't need to see those things now. He will glance at articles in the paper but, if it gets too distressing, he will stop reading. On the rare occasions he watches television he wants it to be a documentary with a pleasanter subject or something funny. I don't blame him. It's better to laugh.


Southern Gal said...

i agree with you. wont read it and dont read or see most of modern fiction or cinema.

its sad that someone can make so much money from something like that.

the movie and the book. pandering to the lowest denominator.

sad. more and more i want to live on an island in the shetlands.

Helen Devries said...

Quite agree..a degrading thing to read and even more so to watch. I was sent a copy, tried a few samples and sent it back.

Judy Edmonds said...

I haven't and will not read it. I was horrified to see today, at the cinema, that the Gold Class 7pm and 9pm sessions for the film tonight were sold out. (Rest assured I was seeing something quite different!!)

catdownunder said...

It is a genuine relief to know that some people agree with me! The local cinema (inside the local shopping centre) seems to be very busy at the moment. I can't understand it. I would have liked to see "The theory of everything" but the other wretched thing has overtaken it!

Judy Edmonds said...

Oh, Cat, do go and see The Theory ofEverything, you will love it!