Tuesday, 24 February 2015

I banged the back of

my head with a real "thump" on Saturday morning. (I was pulling the laundry trolley inside backwards and caught the back of my heel on the mat, landed backwards and hit my head on the cupboard just outside the door.) I don't recommend banging one's head at any time but this was one of those real thumps that gave me a headache. 
I was careful for the rest of the day and Sunday. I was careful yesterday. I didn't do any energetic exercise. If the headache had persisted I would have headed for medical advice. 
I was lucky. If I was concussed - and yes, it felt like it - then it was mild. I felt stupid, sore and frustrated - and I had worried the Senior Cat. I know he worries easily but this was something to worry about. He checked on me several times during the day on Saturday. Was I feeling all right? Not dizzy? Not confused? I could see all right? 
For once, I didn't mind him asking although I wished he wasn't worrying. 
And we both agreed that contact sports where you are all too likely to get a thump on the head are foolish. Why do people do it? Middle Cat refused to let my Nephew Cats play soccer or football or rugby. Their school was not happy about this but they had to give in to the greater wisdom of someone with professional medical knowledge. They played basketball instead - and there was enough danger involved in that. They also played cricket and baseball - but, wear your helmets!
Our GP agrees. She says any game that involves banging your head against ball or person is not to be contemplated.  If there is the potential to do that she says "wear a helmet". As for boxing? Her face goes pink and she starts to splutter in fury. Why would anyone want to involve themselves in something that deliberately sets out to harm another individual and call it "sport"?
I wonder at the way in which people go back on the field when they should be off the field. I wonder at the huge financial pressure to win at all cost. I wonder when winning is more important than health and safety - and when ingesting illegal drugs in order to "perform" and break another record is considered "normal". It isn't.
And, having had the bang on the head and still having a tender patch there I really can't recommend the way you feel.
Don't do it. Stay upright and out of contact!


kristieinbc said...

Take care of yourself, Cat. Even with a mild concussion you need to take it easy for awhile. I listened to a podcast from a CBC show last year that had a doctor on who had been studying head injuries in athletes. His findings were horrifying.

The thing that surprised me the most was learning that a helmet isn't really that great of protection. It will save you from a skull fracture, but not always from a concussion. This is because with a severe impact the brain moves around inside the skull and the helmet is, of course, useless to stop that action.

catdownunder said...

Yes, still prowling quietly and not doing the vigorous mousing! :)
Seriously - I agree. And no, helmets don't solve all the problems.