Sunday, 28 February 2016

"I love you"

Two years ago our family gave the Senior Cat a small, portable DVD player as a Christmas present. I confess it was partly for my benefit. 
The Senior Cat does not watch television. He refuses to watch the news any more. He says he is too old "for all that doom and gloom". Most other programmes drive him mad. 
He is also becoming rather deaf so he wants the sound turned a good deal higher than I find comfortable. This was proving a problem when I had work to finish in the evenings and he wanted to watch a DVD because he still enjoys a good film, or a musical. So, the DVD player was bought. 
He uses it. We bought good ear phones to go with it and he watches happily around once a week. (He is the first to admit he is set in his ways - movies get watched at weekends. He has his own work to do on weeknights.) 
Sometimes he will say to me, "Is there a DVD of X....?"
I will hunt. If there is a copy available at the library I will borrow it - but they are not always in good order. Sometimes he will borrow one from another source. Occasionally he will buy one or someone will give him one.
Recently he wanted to see a documentary and I eventually hunted down a copy on line. While I was doing it I remembered a film he has reminisced about more than once. Was there, I wondered, a copy of that on DVD. There almost certainly would be. I typed in the title. Yes, there was "Those magnificent men in their flying machines".  It would cost me less than five dollars, postage included. I hit the "pay" button rather rapidly.
It arrived on Friday morning. I gave it to him with a casual "here, thought this might be what  you were looking for". He had been out all the afternoon and was too tired to watch it that evening. 
Last night, Saturday, out came the DVD player and soon there were chuckles and then howls of laughter. 
I finished some work and went off to bed before he had finished watching it.
This morning, at my usual place at the breakfast table, I found a little note, "Thank you SO MUCH. It was wonderful. Love, Dad".
I love you too my precious Senior Cat. 

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