Friday, 26 February 2016

Political correctness has gone too far

this time - far too far. The state government intends to change a piece of legislation referring to a "pregnant woman" to a "pregnant person".
The Senior Cat, a remarkably "modern" male in his view towards such things as gender equality, exploded. "I don't care if someone does "identify as male" if they are pregnant then they have to biologically female."
I will assume that is still correct. These days with advances in science you can't be too sure of anything but last time I looked it was the still the case. So, why the change?
I don't know how much time this will take up in parliament or how much money it is going to cost but it is money we don't need to spend. It is just pandering to the small lobby of ultra PC "perpeople". (Why use per"son"?) 
Introducing people to other people is an absolute nightmare these days. I dare not use the term "husband" or "wife" and even "partner" is frowned on by some - but you can be in equal trouble for not saying those things. I have even been told off for introducing someone as "X's daughter". (No matter that right through my kittenhood I was "B's granddaughter" and "J's daughter" - and those things still occur although less often than before. I even get "H's sister".)
I was locking the trusty tricycle to the railing at the shopping centre yesterday when I saw a couple I know. They stopped to speak to me. As they did so my nephew came out of the centre. He was taught by the man but had never met his partner. He shook hands with his old teacher and I was about to introduce his partner when she said with a cheerful smile, "And yes, I am his wife, his partner, she who must be obeyed and everything else you can think of."
We all laughed. They have an excellent relationship
 I wish everyone would be like that. It would make life so much simpler.

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Anonymous said...

Peroffspring - I've been using it for ages. Includes one or several or many.

This inclusiveness/exclusiveness is concerning me as I think it is a subtle plot to do away with women. Read "The Handmaid's Tale" again. All changes seem to go that way (eg, actresses to actors).

Also, it's getting very confusing. Jack Monroe, who has written a couple of very sensible cookery books, prefers to be known as "they". Extend them and their child a dinner invitation and if they say they will come, how many should you expect?