Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I hate doing the right thing and

still getting into strife. 
I tried to pay someone a compliment yesterday. They didn't like it. I apologised but they won't accept the apology so I feel even worse than before. It's someone I like and admire for their courage and ability which makes it even more awkward. Perhaps I should just have kept my mouth shut.
That was the little thing that went wrong - well, little compared with the other problem. I don't know how to handle this one. I've tried. Someone else has tried too. We both know it's affecting an entire, once happy group. 
The problem could be solved quite easily by someone else admitting she made an error of judgment, a mistake. She won't do it. It would mean losing face with the group. I can understand she would feel embarrassed. I know she has problems of her own and isn't handling her position easily but her behaviour is just compounding the present problem.
Without a serious breach of medical confidentiality - something I feel very, very strongly about - the two of us who have tried to solve the problem can't explain what has happened as a result of her behaviour.  It's turning into something very nasty. I hate arguing with people but this time I honestly believe I have done all I can do.
I'm tired of it. I have reached the point where all I want to do is curl up in a little ball, put my paw over my face and forget the world exists. I know that won't solve the problem though and walking out on it will just leave everyone else thinking badly of me.
Now, having had a good miaou sort of moan to the rest of you I am going to pedal off and try to think like a rational being. There has to be a solution.


southern gal said...

With you on this feeling... Writing to say hang in there. I am rooting for you!

Many meows to feeling better!

Melodye Traupel said...

It really is hard to do the right thing and have it back fire in a spectacular fashion. Whatever it is, Cat, I am on your side. You are NOT a person who hurts others.
Lots of head butts and paw pats to you.
Sister Cat UpOver

Anonymous said...

I agree with that previous comment ... you are not someone who would open your mouth to hurt anybody, or anything except maybe a cheese sandwich. Lots of pats and cuddles.