Tuesday, 19 April 2016

We had the "Clinic Nurse" here

this morning - to see the Senior Cat. This is the excellent service designed to keep older people in their own homes rather than in nursing homes or hospital. 
The Senior Cat has been visited twice in the past. Each time it has taken more than the allotted hour. 
I left them to it today - although I could hear the Senior Cat's answers. (Mostly reasonable and accurate.) There was a great deal of laughter at some points. 
I left them to it because it was his visitor - not mine. I made them tea and went on with what I was doing instead. They asked me for information later and that was fine.
But I was left wondering what the clinic nurse thought of the Senior Cat. She can't have too many 93yr old people on her round who still read as widely as he does, who still take an intense interest in other people.
I told her, "He's easy to look after." And he is.

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