Monday, 15 August 2016

"I can't find my beeper,"

the Senior Cat told me. 
He was standing in the doorway looking like a small boy confessing to a major crime. 
I groaned inwardly. No wonder he had been so quiet before I went out. No wonder he had been  obviously looking for something in his room!
His "beeper"  is his safety pendant. It alerts the ambulance service if he needs help. They respond to the touch of the button on the device by trying to talk to the person who has touched the button. If the matter is a relatively simple, "I am not injured but I have fallen over and can't get up" they will alert Middle Cat or, if she is not available, then one of two other people. All this assumes that I have  left the house and cannot deal with the issue myself. 
The system works and works well.When the Senior Cat had the bad fall earlier in the year I pressed the button myself.  They responded within seconds.
Of course the Senior Cat hates the thing. I can understand that. I sympathise. It says, "You are old. Your are at risk. You are dependent on others." 
People  who have them are supposed to wear them all the time. (They are waterproof.) He will only wear it when I am out. He takes it off if he goes out. Nothing will shift him on this. I have given up. I am grateful that he wears it when I am out...although I sometimes wonder if he would press the button or simply wait for me to come home and deal with the situation.
"It can't be far away," I said. I had made him put it on earlier when I had gone to do some shopping.
"I've looked everywhere and I can't find it."
I looked "everywhere" and I couldn't find it either. I spent almost two hours looking. Then I realised that he had left it hanging on the handle of his walker to put back on the door knob when he went out with Middle Cat. The obvious answer was that he had not put it on the door knob and neither he nor Middle Cat had noticed it fall off the handle of the walker. 
He rang Middle Cat. No, she was sure she hadn't seen it. No, of course it couldn't have fallen off the handle of the walker. She would have noticed. She was absolutely certain it wasn't in the car.
I decided that yes, it had fallen off. Nobody had passed it in anywhere. I couldn't see it out in the street where Middle Cat would have put his walker into her car.  
I did some research. The cost of a new pendant is high. It was going to be an expensive loss. The office which deals with these things is closed over the weekend and it was now after five on Friday. We would deal with it on Monday I said. In the meantime I would not be going anywhere and leaving him without a means of contacting someone.
Yesterday Middle Cat phoned me while the Senior Cat was at  church...a friend had taken him. Would I, she wanted to know, like to have a pendant? 
She was quite casual about it. Yes, her eldest kitten had found it in the car. He  had gone out to put some things into the back and there it was - in plain sight. 
"Didn't you look?" he asked his mother.
"No. I knew it wasn't there." (The response still puzzles me.)
I did not lose my temper with Middle Cat. It is however just as well for both of them that the meeting I need to go to was not that Saturday afternoon but next Saturday afternoon. That would have been a different story.


Melodye Traupel said...

I guess wearing your beeper is like wearing a big sign around your neck that says "I'm too old to take care of myself." I have several friends who won't wear their beepers at all.

I probably need one, too. I know I am old and I can't always do everything by myself. Right now, Son Cat, is my beeper.

I don't think of Senior Cat or my friends as being unable to take care of themselves. I just think of them as needing an extra bit of help.

As for Middle Cat, maybe next time she'll just look in the car first.

Love from Sister Cat

catdownunder said...

Hah - Senior Cat wears it under his collar - nobody can see it. He just says "I don't like things hanging around my neck." (Can't say I blame him!)