Wednesday, 31 August 2016

There were wonderful sounds coming

from the Senior Cat's shed yesterday. 
It is a place he sometimes rather wickedly calls "the chapel" or "the holey-of-holeys" (not to be confused with "holy").  
It has been a bit quiet out there lately. First he wasn't feeling up to being out there and then it has been too cold to be there.  He still hasn't used some of the  equipment himself. I am not sure he will use the circular saw again - rather hope he doesn't in fact. 
But, the day before, our neighbour came across and asked if his daughter's housemate/partner could come and use the tools. Yes, the likely visitor was trained in the use of the machinery and tools he would find there. (The Senior Cat understandably worries about safety.) 
So, yesterday a man looking a little like a hippie from the sixties of last century turned up. We had met him before - both he and the Senior Cat had forgotten this but I remembered because he  had been fascinated and frustrated by a wooden puzzle the Senior Cat had made. 
And off they went to the shed. A little later I could hear the sound of the circular saw being used. It isn't a sound I like in the least. It sets my teeth on edge. But, this time, it was good to hear. Then, a little later, I heard sanding and banging. Something was being made.
And then, going past my window, to put something in the rubbish I saw the Senior Cat.  His hair needs cutting. His shirt was hanging out. His trousers are too big for him because he has lost weight over the last year - despite my best efforts. He was covered in saw dust.
And, he was "purring" was almost as if I could hear him actually purr. He looked more content than he has done for weeks.
I made them both a cup of tea - and left them to drink it at the kitchen table while I got on with some work. I could hear them talking about carpentry - and cows. 
Just before lunch the "hippie" went off. He had done the job he needed to do. He'll pick it up today when the glue has dried. There's something else he'd like to do.
I hope he comes back to do it. The Senior Cat needed him.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how we can get more of this - passing on knowledge and experience while having a good time.

Allison said...

Maybe you could find a way to let him know that he would be very welcome and not the least imposing if he wanted to do more projects?