Thursday, 4 May 2017

A little light (bulb) chaos

added to the general chaos of the past few days. I am about ready to pack up  and leave for that deserted island!
There is something wrong with the wiring in the Senior Cat's bedroom. We have had the problem before and the electrician thought he had fixed it. For a while everything seemed fine. Now the problem is back. 
It means there is no light over the Senior Cat's bed. I suppose, as there is another light in the room, this is more nuisance value than anything else but it does need to be fixed. The Senior Cat told me about this and, before he could ring the electrician and add the job to the telephone cabling woes, another bulb went in another area. Right. That has been added to the list.
The Senior Cat went outside to shut the shed door after dark. He didn't tell me or I would have done it as I don't like him prowling around in the dark any more - and he doesn't like doing it. He came in and said, "And now the outside light has gone as well."
Thankfully we know the electrician quite well. He has been looking after our needs for some years. He lives just a few streets away. If he and I are passing on the road he will give me a friendly wave. As none of this is urgent-urgent he will be here on Monday or Tuesday of next week.
But it added to the stress. Middle Cat had to pick up a load to take to the charity shop. It has been sitting in our living area and I have been worried the Senior Cat will trip over it.  She turned up yesterday after lunch. The Senior Cat had gone to have his after lunch cat nap. I was catching up on urgent work.
"Don't wake him. I was going to change the dressing on his shoulder. You can do it can't you?"
Yes, I could do it. Let's just get the load into the car I thought.
We did. She went off. I tried to deal with another urgent work situation.
When the Senior Cat came out for his cup of tea I told him I would change the dressing.
"It looks a bit messy," he told me.
I took the dressing off. I looked. I did not like what I saw. The Senior Cat protested loudly but I went and asked our paediatrician neighbour, "I hate asking you but would you mind having a look? I think it needs attention."
"Not at all," she told me, "It's what neighbours are for." Really? I felt I was imposing on her professional good will but I was concerned.
And I was right to be concerned. She couldn't do the job herself but she said, "Get him back to the clinic ASAP."
I phoned Middle Cat. Could she do it or did I need to get him into a taxi? No, she could do it even if it made her late for an early evening meeting.
While they were out I dealt with more work chaos and tried to do something about our evening meal.  
By the time the Senior Cat came back I had our meal sorted, the work was done and I was beginning to feel I might be on top of the most important things. We eventually ate. 
I crawled into bed - and managed to read not quite three pages before the light bulb went out.

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Holly Doyne said...

Give him my best. None of us heal well as we get older