Saturday, 27 May 2017

The spam is getting worse

and the spammers are getting better or more accurate and much more  annoying.
Our ISP used to be very good about filtering out spam. We saw very little of it. All the "advertisements" telling me that I have "won" something were deleted before I ever saw them...which suited me just fine.
Now I have to block numerous senders of such rubbish every morning. This is despite having set my spam reduction to the highest possible level - meaning that I need to look in the "junk" folder every morning to be sure that something which is genuine mail hasn't been  sent to that.
"It isn't possible to do anything about it," I was told. 
No? Until my original ISP was taken over by a much larger firm they managed it very well indeed. 
Yes, I know that the volume of such "mail" has increased but so much is so obviously rubbish that it seems to me that no attempt is being made at all.  It is as if the ISP is also ignoring the "no advertising material" on the "letter box".  And  yes, I have looked at other ways to be rid of it. The problem is at the ISP's end, not mine. They allow this material to go through. I suspect they may even be paid a handsome sum to allow it to go through. After all, why not? It would reach hundreds of thousands or irritated customers at the push of a button. 
This morning they hit a new low. There was an email that addressed me by name, my actual name and not my initials - which is the way most of it appears. It is junk, vile junk. It is so obviously spam that even the lowest level of spam filter should not have allowed it through.
Is someone at the ISP being paid to let this sort of material through? Or, have they stopped attempting to filter any spam at all? These would seem to be the only possible answers. It is not the service we have paid for or the service  we once received.
Why is it that people believe that they can intrude on me like this?  I am a growling grumpy cat this morning and I am ready to scratch  the perpetrators when I catch them.

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