Monday, 14 August 2017

Do you know any dragons?

I am trying to design a dragon portrait. I would really like to talk to a dragon. What do they think is important about themselves? What would they like me to emphasise? How do they want me to set about this?
I am not sure if I consciously design things or whether they just happen. At the present time I have a project and - unusually for me - there is a deadline which has to be met. It is also important I do the project very well indeed. I will be teaching a class. People will be coming along to learn. I regard that very seriously indeed.
The general idea that I had to design a dragon came out of somewhere in the middle of the night - as such ideas are inclined to do. It was not my idea - at least I don't think it was. There's a dragon out there somewhere trying to tell me something. 
The problem is that I don't speak "Dragonal" or whatever it is that dragons speak. I am not even very good at "Universal" - that curious language non-human living things use to  communicate with each other. I just understand a little of it now and then. I have some basic phrases in Feline and Canine - most of which are of very little use here.
But, the dragon is there - somewhere - in knits and purls and twists and cables. (No he or she is NOT lace...this class is about cables and previous dragon portraits have been carved into stone.) I think I have a dragon head and a dragon body - all curves and cables.  It is the tail which is bothering me. Dragon tails are important. They are used for balance. Dragons cannot fly without their tails. At present I don't understand the aerodynamics of dragon flight... human aircraft tell me nothing about dragons. 
Today I will simply have to try again... cable two right, knit one or purl one? - cable two left? 
Somewhere out there a dragon will tell me what needs to be done! And yes, dear dragon, I promise you a nice bright beady eye to watch I do the right thing.

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Jodiebodie said...

I can't wait to see it one day! Can I assume it will be a very Scottish dragon?