Thursday, 17 May 2018

A young couple are getting married

and it should be a happy occasion.
But there are some problems. The bride's father is ill. He won't be there to walk her down the aisle. There seems to be some intense jealousy among other members of her family at her good fortune.
And the republicans, especially those in the media, are having a field day with all sorts of snide remarks.
I have had about enough. A wedding where the bride and groom are willing participants is an occasion to be celebrated. It should not be hijacked by the media for their own purposes. 
Complain about the cost to the public? Well if the media made less fuss then the need for intense security would not be nearly as great. The family is paying for the rest themselves. 
There was a particularly nasty feature in our state newspaper yesterday. I don't know why it was published but it mocked the groom's father as someone who "talks to plants". It was highly inappropriate.
Today there is another nasty little piece about the bride's "dysfunctional" family.  They aren't marrying the groom and they are not even immediate siblings. But the media has chosen to show them arriving at an airport with piles of luggage. (I wonder too whether some of that luggage wasn't borrowed for the purposes of the photograph.)
In all the fuss about who will be there and the cost (to the public), what people will be wearing and how they will behave something else is being forgotten.
The groom's mother will not be there. She is no longer alive. She died in a car accident - being chased by the same media which is now having a field day at her son's expense. 
So, to all of you who might think that the media reports lampooning the groom's father are funny or that the security is a waste of money perhaps you could remember that a very decent young man who is, like his brother, carrying on caring about other people won't have his mother there today - and much of the blame for that has to be laid at the feet of the media.
I knew their mother, not well but well enough to experience her kindness on more than one occasion. Show some respect please. Her children are a credit to her.


kayT said...

Wonderful post today, Cat. I wish some of the offenders in the media would read it but I'm sure they won't. Sometimes when I read what they have written I wonder if they even CAN read.

Anonymous said...

Well said, very well said. Bob C-S