Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Being late for appointments

or meetings is something I don't like at all.
I would rather be early and wait.
Recently I was "late" in that there was a genuine misunderstanding about the time I was to meet two other people. One person had made the time. I assumed the other knew. It was a muddle and I worried that person - who has had more than enough to cope with this year.
It wasn't deliberate but I still felt badly about it.
I am always bothered by the fact that it is only good luck that will get me to a regular Saturday meeting on time. It begins at 1:30 and I really need to be there at least five minutes beforehand to sign in and find a seat.  I hate having to creep in after the meeting has started.  Leaving before the Senior Cat has finished eating also bothers me these days.  (If I am totally honest leaving the Senior Cat bothers me. We both know I need to go out sometimes and he wants me to go but, even with the security pendant, how safe is he?)
And then there is Middle Cat. Middle Cat muddles through life. She has never been "organised". Her youngest has summed it up as 
"There is ordinary time, Greek time, and Mum time."
It has always been a problem. She is responsible for the Senior Cat's medical appointments. He hates being late even more than I do. Yesterday she was late. She arrived at the time they should have actually been at the podiatrist. It wasn't a disaster. The podiatrist was very nice to the Senior Cat - perhaps realising that it wasn't his fault in the slightest. She just said, "I managed to get some paperwork done." 
But that doesn't help the Senior Cat. He is still feeling upset this morning.
Middle Cat was late because she lay down - and fell asleep. I know her lifestyle is chaotic compared with ours but....
Now I am wondering, do I just say what I know the Senior Cat would like me to say, "Next time I'll go with you in a taxi"? I know that means ordering a taxi far too early (because they can be late too) and waiting. Anything we do like that is much more difficult for the Senior Cat. Middle Cat's vehicle is much easier to access. Middle Cat knows how to help him get in and out too.  
But he worries so much about her being late - and this is not the first time - that I wonder whether that anxiety and his embarrassment about being late would be cancelled out by the alternative.
I love Middle Cat. I just wish she would organise herself. 


Jodiebodie said...

Time for a round table chat with Senior & Middle Cat and yourself if Middle Cat is unaware of how Senior Cat feels about being late. For some people, being late is just a simple timetable/organisational issue but for others, it is their integrity and self esteem.

Allison said...

Does she make the appointments or does he? Who gets the appointment card? If he handles all that, just subtract 15 -30 min from the actual appt time when giving Middle Cat the schedule.